Coping with infertility…

A friend posted this video today. It IS so worth it to share because so many are struggling in silence. I immediately felt all of this mommy’s pain. However, at the same time I felt her peace. I love how she said, “I am so grateful for a Savior who allows hurt in our life so he can heal us & put us back together better then we were before.” Those are such, such powerful words! I can testify to those words as well & I believe and know they are true. I still struggle, in fact some days I just feel plain ol’ sad because I am human right!?  I have great days too, and thank goodness for those.

Please share this blog post with anyone you may know who might be struggling. It will be the best choice you made today because in the end we all need to life one another up. Happy Sunday! 🙂


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