Dear Baby Billings

new-photos-22-of-29Dear Baby Billings,

its been a year since I lost you. Somehow the pain still exist, as if it were yesterday. You would have been six months old. I would have been holding a six month old baby.  Six months! Probably not sleeping much still at this point. Gosh, if I still had you I hope I would just cherish every little moment with you. Kissing your little nose, singing you to sleep & letting your big sis & bro hold you whenever they wanted. I’m sharing this photo again because I only have a few & this one is special. At the time I still worried you would leave me, so I didn’t let myself get too comfortable with the pregnancy. Which meant I didnt take a whole lot of photos either {so unlike me!}. It was a Sunday morning when I took this picture. I was clearly pregnant, but still hadn’t shared the news with most people. I’m so glad I took this photo, even if I was scared of loosing you. Keeping myself from happiness while I carried you, never spared me of any pain when you left.



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